4 September 2017

Isobar US collaborates with blue-infinity Linked by Isobar

Our teams, led by Luis Nunes, Mobile Practice Manager and Guillaume Douillet, Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) Architect, invited two specialists from Isobar US to blue-infinity Linked by Isobar to share their expertise on documenting functional wireframes for AEM.
The combined aim was to optimise team accessibility and common understanding on documenting functional wireframes, for AEM technology that gives today’s user a 360-digital experience on any given platform, whether it be mobile or desktop. This helps us prepare for the future with a clear vision and a thorough appreciation of the broader context of digital business.

During their visit, Isobar US Maria Ptouchkina, Lead Consultant and John Khuu, Senior Functional Analyst, collaborated on a project for the luxury industry and created a set of best practices to ensure they had a common understanding in terms of IT language and processes. “A transversal vision on solutions is mandatory, collaborating with Isobar US helps align our processes for the long term,” Luis said.

The highlight of this experience for Maria was the proximity to different specialisations, such as UX. "Working together with the blue-infinity team was a fantastic experience all around, and it was an exciting opportunity to collaborate as one team within DAN, to deliver the best work to our clients,” she said. For John, it was the team aspect; “I had the opportunity to collaborate with many talented people as well as further my professional development."

This visit from our Isobar colleagues has helped us optimise documentation of functional specifications and the knowledge exchange will only strengthen our growth. Although we temporarily say farewell, we know that Isobar is only a call away.