23 December 2020

GET IN THE ZONE with Coca Cola

Coca-Cola has been the main partner of the Swedish Hockey League (SHL) since the 2019/2020 season and wants to show that it is a committed hockey brand. Together with MKTG and Isobar, Coca-Cola has during the autumn continued the work with the concept GET IN THE ZONE, where Coca-Cola is part of the pre-match warm up.


Before the match, everyone, from players and coaches to supporters, gets ready both physically and mentally for 110%. Sometimes also in a bit strange ways with special match rituals. Everything from having to tap three times in the helmet, sleeping on the left side the night before or always putting on the right ice skate first to get in the right mood before the match.


We have focused on the match rituals in a Native collaboration with Expressen where they produced three longread articles on a special built campaign site, with one article per team (Leksand, Färjestad and Luleå) which in an entertaining way shows how people in the team prepare to get "IN THE ZONE". The articles have also been published in the local press in each location to reach the hockey-interested target group there.


In addition to this, we have created online video with GET IN THE ZONE as the theme and also two radio spots with the expert commentator Niklas Wikegård.


Here you find the three native articles written in collaboration with Expressen


Read article: Einar Emanuelsson “Att jonglera och gå på händer har blivit en vana och en trygghet”

Read article: Jens Westin 9 gånger 240 kilo – den hårda ritualen som gör tungviktaren till vinnare på isen

Read article: Martin Karlsson “De kallar det hjärnspöken men jag säger rutiner”

Online video

Online video