31 July 2019

Isobar Sri Lanka Digital Director Inspires Next-Gen Entrepreneurs

Nisal De Silva, Isobar Sri Lanka’s Associate Director took to the stage at Jump Start Sri Lanka at the Royal College Union Skills Centre in Colombo this week to help drive the next generation of digital business owners in the country.
Nisal's workshop focused on providing guidance & basic digital marketing knowledge on the local digital landscape, in addition to teaching digital strategy skills. To help unlock the digital opportunity for Sri Lankans, the workshop focussed on:
 Understanding the local digital landscape
 The things when you start a business (digital focus)
 How to create a digital marketing strategy
 How to start with social media
 How to start with paid advertising
 Only about 30% of the population is active online and on social media and therefore traditional media plays a much bigger role compared to digital in marketing and advertising budgets. Sri Lankan companies urgently need to increase their digital maturity, and to help them get started Nisal workshopped with a mix of business owners, Managing directors as well as set of young enthusiasts who wanted to understand how to market their business digitally.
 Nisal said, “It is important to make awareness and understanding about digital marketing with new business owners so they can leverage new advertising marketing methods digitally to get the best out of new trends.”View his presentation on this link: https://prezi.com/view/NsktTxkm6jq7Glm6DgkV/