22 April 2020

Isobar Spain focus attention on Brands Take Action

During the past period of isolation, we've seen a huge variety of initiatives from brands which carried out highly impact against Covid-19 and the confinement steps, but we didn't really know anything about their results, even the return of the effort reached on digital media.

That´s why Isobar Spain wanted to place value on the media impact of these actions and take the best of one of the most important levers today: feedback given by people.

This is how Brands Take Action (BTA) was born, aimed to keep an open channel of communication with clients and market stakeholders, in order to motivate and encourage them to go on and to focus attention on benefits given by proactivity under adverse conditions.

This report works easily. It shows a different point of view to the market, giving both qualitative and quantitative information of the best case studies of Spanish Market and using metrics which helps to see the “social return” of the investment in a clear way:

1. Optimization: impact growth on media, measured in terms of Reach.

2. Leadership: greater brand influence over target audience, measured in terms of Positive Interactions.

3. Change: Turning Point in the brand visibility on media, comparing the brand buzz before and after the crisis.

In addition, BTA contains its most important figure: the BTA Score, a rating conceived to compare every action among others throughout a range of 5 to 10, to set a ranking with valued learnings and, even more important, to measure with numbers the gratitude given by consumers to the most attractive initiatives of the moment.

Isobar Spain has released and shared with clients since April a new update weekly, featuring new brands, areas of analysis and metrics to enhance the scoring as well as their indicators. After all, BTA has been thought to bring a better knowledge of Spanish market, besides inspiring both brands and customers and finally, giving support and creative energy to the sector.

Download below.


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