24 January 2020

Isobar Moscow blends Art and fashion in quirky campaign for Barilla Pasta brand

Barilla and Isobar Moscow has launched an eye-catching new ad campaign #Пастаэтоискусство (#Pastaisart).
The brands’ goal was to move away from common visuals and widely used patterns in pasta advertising and draw the audience's attention to a familiar product through creative communications. The campaign team decided to show Barilla pasta in an unusual perspective and made an atmospheric series of photos inspired by art and fashion. 
 Daria Likhovidova, Senior Marketing Manager Barilla (Russia & CIS) said "When a brand talks about authentic Italian pasta, we most likely visualize a plate with delicious spaghetti. We decided to rethink this visual connotation and presented it in a completely new way. Thus, our ad concept is based on Barilla's rich heritage and its constant commitment to a perfect taste as well as look of our pasta. It’s not by chance that art and fashion have become creative ground of the campaign emphasizing the philosophy of the brand and its special approach to pasta making”. 
 The campaign with #Пастаэтоискусство (#Pastaisart) hashtag is a series of fashion photos in the spirit of iconic glossy shots. Each picture represents one of 9 pasta recipes revealed through its own visual history, and the dish itself becomes the main character of the unique photo-story. Campaign shots were posted in the Barilla Instagram account. They attracted the attention of Instagram users as well as popular influencers and media. Famous bloggers and media also shared the campaign in their Instagram accounts. The campaign showed good results to date - reaching over 5,454,208 people.
 Anastasia Zaramenskaya, Isobar Moscow Creative Director said, “We extended away from the classic "foodporn" and introduced a kind of “food fashion." Our campaign demonstrated that in a glossy story can be meaningful not only what a model wears but also what is in her plate."