26 February 2019

Isobar EMEA CDO Daniel Sytsma shares his vision for experience at FITC

Design. Technology. Cool shit. FITC Amsterdam's mission is Isobar's raison d'etre.
Featuring the world's most innovative, technical and creative talks to inspire people to pursue "their dreams", the conference in Amsterdam opened its doors this week, with Isobar's Daniel Sytsma taking the stage to explain how to keep experiences simple in increasingly complex ecosystems.
 This annual ground breaking event explores how design and technology will shape our future.
 Daniel explained, "Technology does offer a lot of possibilities. But it also creates a lot of friction. While we're making cars autonomous, discovering cancer-saving technology through AI and hacking the human genome, we're also still stumped by the simplest things. Like how to file our taxes, getting it right in another self-checkout lane, and struggling to set up conference calls."
 Daniel quoted Peter Thiel, "We were promised flying cars. Instead we got 140 characters."
 Our challenge as an industry is often in this space, the "innovation gap," where the promise of technology and the reality of implementing are are at odds. He shared how at Kraftwerk Linked by Isobar, our teams organise and design innovation to deliver better brand experiences. Taking inspiration from The Disciplined Pursuit of of Less by Greg McKeown, Daniel recommends a "less but better" approach citing Nest as a great example of a defined product purpose providing a superior user experience.
 He encouraged the audience of designers, UX designers, product owners, entrepreneurs, and corporate entrepreneurs, to question "what does the best experience in my industry need" shared 5 principles for design:
 Stronger together – collaborative sessions vs autonomous craft
 Context is king – how to apply empathy in design
 Story driven – the value of a story in design
 Makers mentality – how to create a rhythm of test and learn
 Craft matters – the emotional difference good craft can make