29 June 2021

Six Dentsu Group Brands Launch the Dentsu B2B Initiative, A Cross-Group B2B Organization Specialized in Corporate Marketing DX

Dentsu Isobar, and five other domestic Dentsu Group brands have launched the Dentsu B2B Initiative, a cross-brand organization that develops and delivers B2B solutions. Launching today, the Dentsu B2B Initiative brings together the expertise of each brand towards solving various challenges in the B2B domain, from consulting on business strategy to marketing, branding, and the introduction and implementation of all the necessary DX tools to support businesses’ rising demand for B2B marketing DX especially during the pandemic.

The spread of infection of the covid-19 pandemic has significantly changed the ways B2B businesses exchange information with their partners, leading to a sharp increase in non-face-to-face sales. Along these changes, the need for B2B marketing DX such as demand generation1 continues to grow. Its rapid increase has also led to a higher incidence of challenges where introducing DX tools become the goal, and the original aim to support sales is no longer met.

The Dentsu B2B initiative will respond to these B2B challenges with a wide range of specialists comprised of six Dentsu Group companies with experience in supporting over 100 businesses in B2B marketing, consulting, management, and business strategy, actively collaborating with other external experts. Their consolidated know-how of B2B skills will enable the Dentsu B2B initiative to provide integrated solutions for a variety of complex business challenges that transcend the boundaries of conventional advertising communications.

In the case of “introducing marketing automation2 that lacks coordination between marketing and sales departments which do not connect their customer lists to sales support,” it will not only facilitate data coordination between them, but also provide organizational development and training programs to connect the pipelines. For challenges such as “business strategies with missing specific measures and inconsistent implementation across channels and promotions,” it will deliver seamless proposals ranging from business consulting to implementation. In addition, it will be one of a few organizations in Japan to incorporate overseas know-how in its partner relationship management, an initiative for businesses to deepen relationships with their sales partners and support issue resolution with the latest and most suitable knowledge.

The Dentsu B2B Initiative will continue to amplify the latest information and develop B2B solutions in alignment with the Dentsu Group’s commitment to become an “Integrated Growth Partner,” committed to sustainable growth for its clients, partners, and society.

The list of domestic Dentsu Group companies comprising the Dentsu B2B Initiative are listed below, in no specific order:

  1. Dentsu Inc.
  2. Dentsu Digital Inc.
  3. Dentsu Tec Inc.
  4. Dentsu Consulting Inc.
  5. Dentsu Isobar Inc. (to be merged with Dentsu Digital from July, 2021)
  6. Dentsu Group R&D Inc. (Dentsu Group's innovation initiative)

1Demand generation refers to the overall activities involved in creating and finding prospective clients for sales consisting of three major processes: Lead generation (acquisition of potential customers), lead nurturing (development of potential customers), and lead qualification (narrowing down potential customers).

2Marketing automation refers to the improvement of operational efficiency and productivity of marketing operations through automation, making use of digital technology to visualize the status of prospective customers and facilitating suitable sales and marketing approaches in accordance with their interest level.

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