15 July 2021

Young Marketer Spotlight: Sammi Leung, Isobar Hong Kong

Sammi Leung, Experience Designer, Isobar Hong Kong, recently featured in Branding in Asia's "One Under 30" series – highlighting young talent in the industry.

How did you get your first break in the industry?


I moved to Hong Kong after I graduated university and landed a job doing social media and digital marketing with Carat. There, I was lucky to be led by some amazing team leaders who not only encouraged creativity and innovation, but also gave me lots of opportunities to learn and gain experience in both online and offline marketing campaigns.




What is your personal mantra?


Always do your best. There are going to be challenges all the time, whether it is super tight deadlines or unreasonable clients. But no matter what it is, I think it’s important to do my best in fulfilling my role and responsibilities to not let my team down.




From what person, place or thing have you drawn your greatest creative inspiration?


The little things. I think inspiration can come from everything and everyone around us; how we interpret the world and the stories we are told, or what we draw from our experiences and emotions that we feel. This industry moves fast and everyone’s always looking for the next big idea, but sometimes it’s being able to find the extraordinary in the ordinary, the things we often overlook, that I find most inspiring.




What do you love about the job?


Working together with and learning from extremely talented, creative people. The best work comes from joining great minds together and collaborative effort; I’m grateful to have met and worked with so many dedicated and supportive teammates so far in my career, many of whom have influenced and shaped my professional growth as well.




What about your job are you not so crazy about?


When I was still doing social media marketing, I struggled with having an always-on mentality and sometimes forgot to find my work-life balance. I think the nature of the job was just not for me. But the company was very supportive and gave me the opportunity to join the Experience Design team which is where my true passion lies, and now I honestly just love my job.




What is some work you’ve done that you’re most proud of?


I worked on user experience for the Sino Group website, following the project from start to finish, while working with some great people both within my company as well as from the client-side. It is especially rewarding to be able to continue optimizing and enhancing the website even now, having formed a good agency-client relationship with them.




If you had to choose another career what would it be?


An art therapist, to help people by guiding them in art and self-exploration.




This piece was originally written by Sam Roth and published in Branding in Asia