9 June 2020

Quick Start Commerce

It’s more challenging than ever to meet consumer demands in a time where convenience and comfort are paramount, especially when resources are examined closely and time is of the essence. Whether you’re looking to acquire new customers, enter the ecommerce space, or add a new fulfilment experience for customers, we can help you do so efficiently and effectively.

Dentsu Commerce has developed solutions to help local and regional retailers quickly enhance your customers’ shopping experiences.


1. Hyper-Local Facebook Targeting


Your customers can’t utilize your services if they don’t know those services exist. Our Facebook targeting solution allows you to easily find consumers, segment audiences, and launch campaigns to get your ads in front of those most likely to act. We recommend the best hyper-local targeting scheme to maximize campaign objectives and automate audiences to create 50-70 ad sets for every targeted area.


2. Salesforce Quick-Start Commerce for D2C Consumer and Essential Goods


With our D2C solution, consumer and essential goods brands can match competitors on convenience, while activating a crucial channel in which to sell inventory. You will have everything you need to launch an out-of-the-box commerce site on Salesforce Commerce Cloud in just two weeks. The site includes complete transactional capabilities, including integrations for tax, payment, and fulfilment— allowing you to enter and grow within the ecommerce space at a critical time.


For more information on our Quick Start solutions, please contact us.