24 April 2020

Mentos reveals part of their formula in new brand work by Isobar and Passion Pictures

Mentos has launched its new brand platform, ‘Made From Awesome’, kicking things off with a new execution to launch their Smoothies flavour. Over the coming months the platform will feature a slew of new spots for each of its existing signature flavours.

Brought to life in collaboration with Isobar in Australia and Passion Pictures, the wacky spots go behind the scenes of the Mentos Made from Awesome Labs to reveal what gives each and every candy it’s delicious trademark flavour. With a cow delivering some show-stopping piano dexterity to a mango, banana and strawberry, the launch spot highlights the awesome flavours packed into Mentos’ new Smoothies flavoured roll.


Says Samantha Hansen, Country Manager, Perfetti Van Melle “Since the iconic Freshmaker work in the 80’s, Mentos has always used a quirky brand of humour to deliver its brand message. The new ‘Made from Awesome’ platform delivers a fresh and updated Mentos brand personality to a new generation of consumers, whilst reminding them that our product is made with a perfect mix of great tasting stuff and a hefty dose of fun. Without revealing all our trade secrets, we can tell you that ‘awesome’ is pushed into every little candy coming off the line.”


Says Jack Delmonte and Hadleigh Sinclair, Creative Directors of Isobar: “It’s been a privilege to work on Mentos. For years they’ve held a very special place in our car consoles. There’s something unique about the flavours and we’ve always felt there was more to them than meets the tongue. So for their new brand platform the Isobar team, alongside wonderful clients Perfetti Van Melle and Stuart Alexander & Co, and the talented people at Passion Pictures, wanted to uncover what exactly makes them taste so awesome. We’ve had more than a little fun showing how awesomeness is injected into all the products across the Mentos range."


This is the first work to come for Mentos since the WiTH Collective brand merged with Isobar Sydney.


Says Tom Tearle GM, Isobar Sydney: “It’s been an exciting time to work with Mentos and we’re proud to showcase this work as part of our newly bolstered creative and marketing offering. It’s a huge credit to all involved.”


The year long ‘made from awesome’ campaign will live across social, out of home, online video and catchup TV.