8 March 2018

Diageo & Isobar demo The Echo Bar Experience at CES

Before Christmas, Diageo launched a new skill for the Amazon Echo Show in the UK to help consumers create great cocktails at home.
This CES, Diageo and Isobar will be demoing the new technology experience to CES’ innovation-hungry audience. The Alexa skill was developed in collaboration with Amazon and global agency Isobar.
 Named ‘The Bar’, the new skill is inspired by Diageo’s award-winning website thebar.com, which has been helping millions of since 2013. Tapping into the latest voice technology and the functionality of the Amazon Echo Show, ‘The Bar’ means people are just a few words away from making a great cocktail. Periklies Antoniou, New Technology & Media Innovation Manager, Europe will be joined by Sven Huberts, Isobar Director of Strategic Growth EMEA, to walkthrough the experience with visitors at the Dentsu Aegis Network Clubhouse at the Cosmopolitan Hotel, in the Castellana Ballroom, 3rd floor.
 Daniël Sytsma, Creative Director at Isobar said, “While developing this new service we decided to tackle every barrier we could think of, that gets in the way between you and a good cocktail party at home: That starts with offering the inspiration and recipes to make them but we also pioneer with delivery of tools and ingredients through a direct commerce relationship: Simply tell Alexa what you're missing and everything will be express delivered to your house party.”
 Consumers start by asking Alexa to open ‘The Bar’ and are then presented with three different options. Make a specific cocktail – where a user can tell Alexa what they want to make and Alexa provides a recipe and guides the user through preparing the cocktail. Help me choose – where Alexa suggests easy to make cocktails based on the consumer’s preferences e.g. sweet or sour, long or short. Learn techniques –where Alexa helps consumers master mixology techniques with practical advice such as how to muddle your mojito to perfection.
 By using the data, Diageo can learn more about consumer needs and serve them better cocktail advice over time. They can personalise their recommendations based on the types of drinks people ordered in the past or challenge them to create cocktails that match their experience level. In the future, the platform will scale across other platforms as well.
 ‘The Bar’ skill also allows consumers to send a shopping list of ingredients or a cocktail making kit to the Alexa mobile app on their phone or directs them to purchase on Amazon (the skill is age gated). Diageo launched the new skill during the festive season, when many consumers are looking to try new food and drink experiences and hosts are looking for more inventive and unique touches to surprise and delight their guests.
 Periklies Antoniou, New Technology & Media Innovation Manager at Diageo said, “Technology is changing the way we socialise in and outside of the home, and with the new ‘The Bar’ skill, we’re tapping into the growing number of adults using voice-enabled devices to take them on a journey towards mastering mixology.”
 On Thursday 11th January at 12:30pm, Peri Antoniou from Diageo, Michael Francisco from Amazon, and Sven Huberts from Isobar will present ‘Reinventing Brand & Commerce with Conversation' at the Dentsu Aegis Network Clubhouse.To register for the clubhouse, or book in to any of Isobar’s innovations, please email Hannah Ainsworth.