31 October 2019

Isobar and Magento launch Headless Commerce White Paper

Isobar and Magento have published a white paper explaining how brands can leverage a Headless Commerce approach to create experiences across multiple touchpoints and future proof a brand’s e-commerce and omnichannel strategy.

The white paper defines Headless Commerce, explaining both the merits and downsides of a Headless Commerce approach, and focuses on the scenarios where the implementation of a Headless structure can bring short-to-long-term advantages to online retailers.

Based off of Isobar’s original white paper, Headless Commerce: Differentiating Your Approach to Experience Commerce Strategy, authored by Isobar UK and Global teams, the joint white paper has been redeveloped and authored by Isobar Commerce and Magento teams in APAC.

The white paper covers:

  • The definition of Headless Commerce and why it should be part of an omnichannel approach
  • The opportunities of the Headless Commerce model
  • Models and approaches to Headless Commerce
  • Change management and rejuvenation of systems
  • Why Headless Commerce? And why not?
  • How Adobe and Isobar support Headless Commerce


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