27 November 2019

Isobar Launches 'Augmented Humanity: Isobar 2020 Trends Report'

Augmented Humanity: Isobar 2020 Trends Report explains how Creativity and ‘creative experiences’ are critical for businesses and brands in 2020 and beyond. With contributions from Isobar’s 85 offices in 45 markets, the report is the third annual trends briefing providing global insights and inspiration from cultures and countries across the world.

The five key trends for 2020 are:

1. Augmented Experiences - how technology is enhancing the physical world to create unexpected and joyful experiences

2. Humanising Data - how data sets, algorithms and A.I are becoming ‘humanised’ with emotion and personality

3. Socialised Commerce - how technology is putting people at the centre of how we search, shop and share

4. Digital Kinship - how technology is helping to find and foster meaningful communities for every-body

5. Post-Purpose Activation - how technology is empowering brands to re-discover and activate their purpose for impact

2020 is a landmark year for businesses to grasp the full potential of an Augmented Humanity - download the report here.


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