Sprout Australia

We are different today compared to February 2020. COVID-19 has changed us in several ways – how we see ourselves, how we do things and how we interact with others. Most importantly, it has changed our outlook and motivations for how we want to feel as we face this new normal. Sprout Research, an Isobar partner and active user of Isobar’s MindSight technology in Australia, recently completed their annual “Mood of Australia” study. Given the timing, this year’s edition has added significance – enabling measurement of mood and sentiment shifts amid COVID-19 and providing guidance on how brands should react to this health, financial and emotional crisis.


Understanding emotional motivations in the new normal

Understanding emotional motivations is business critical because motivations provide the energy that drive behavior – no matter how big or small. And as we start to enter the next phase of life with COVID-19, businesses need to understand now more than ever how consumers will act in the new normal. However, understanding motivation has always been a challenge because consumers may not be willing or able to articulate such deep rooted feelings.


Empowerment & Achievement

MindSight, Isobar’s proprietary image-based System-1 technique was used to uncover Australian consumers’ underlying emotional motivations as they begin to face this new reality. Results indicate that first and foremost, consumers want to feel a sense of “Empowerment” – that they are in-control, prepared and ready to take on what lies ahead. Secondly, consumers want to feel a sense of “Achievement” – they want to be productive and make a difference. Businesses that respond to these higher order needs will succeed in forging stronger emotional connections and long-term relationships with consumers.


MindSight Uncovers Mood During COVID-19

Consumers want to feel in-control and productive - more than feeling protected