Commonwealth Malaria Tracker

Malaria No More UK

We worked with Malaria No More to create the Commonwealth Malaria Tracker which provides accountability and is a driver for change.


Crunching Complex Data

Malaria is one of the world’s deadliest diseases and kills a child every two minutes.


Africa carries the highest burden and it is alarming that COVID-19 may result in malaria deaths rising by 50% as access to healthcare, medicines and essential services is interrupted. At the 2018 Commonwealth Heads of Government meeting, all 53 country leaders committed to halve malaria by 2023.

The WHO issues global Malaria data in their World Malaria Report but it's a huge document, full of complex data, that’s hard to interpret. Malaria No More wanted to create an innovative solution to interpret this data so it could be used by all Malaria organisations and charities to benchmark progress and hold commonwealth leaders accountable to their commitment.


Interactive Visual Display

Isobar brought their best creative and analytical minds together to build an innovative online B2B tool to solve this complex communication problem. Isobar developed a dynamic digital tool called the ‘Commonwealth Malaria Tracker’. 

Using data from the latest WHO World Malaria Report, the tracker presents an interactive visual display of the progress across all Commonwealth countries towards this commitment. It also shows information about the measures countries have taken and shares best practices.


Monitoring Progress

We are proud of our work with Malaria No More and our contribution to end the world's oldest and deadliest disease. It was presented to Commonwealth leaders who can, for the first time, see at a glance which countries are “on-track”, “ or “off-track” to achieve their commitment to halve malaria.

The Tracker was Phase 2 of the work we did for Malaria No More and our passion and dedication on the Tracker lead to us having creative control of Phase 3, the recent and stunning Draw the Line campaign.


This is what Michael Hamilton, Digital Marketing Manager, at Malaria No More UK had to say:

"You have been the most patient and understanding team to work with, we thoroughly appreciate your determination to get this designed, built and live. Your work surely will help encourage commonwealth leaders to fulfil their commitments on malaria." 


See the tracker in action here.