In a world first, one country's UNESCO sites have been brought together.


Starting the trial

Scotland is home to 35 UNESCO sites and projects, of which 13 are place-based designations. These represent some of Scotland’s most outstanding cultural and natural heritage, landscapes, cities and biodiversity.


We were challenged to create a digital experience in which users could immerse themselves in the wonders within Scotland's UNESCO Trail.


The first ever UNESCO trail

Our challenge was to use digital to promote the global-first UNESCO Trail, which allows visitors to experience Scotland’s natural, historic, cultural and creative wonders, easily and sustainably.


This included an immersive and inspirational web experience, an educational explained video, stunning photography of the trail and an emotive promotional campaign.


Be transported

The 13 sites are very unique but they all have one thing in common, magic. Each one has a different story filled with history, wonder and inspiration.


To replicate the magic that lives within the sites we created glowing particles that come together to imply that there is a deeper meaning to each site.


The dark palette allows you to fully transport yourself and focus on the beauty of the designations.

To help audiences get to grips with the fantastic new trail we worked with VisitScotland to create an addition to our successful Scotland Explained series in which we take the viewer through a fun yet detailed explanation of UNESCO, the different types of UNESCO locations and tips on how best to enjoy the new national trail.