Is this the future?

WSP – Future Proof

A campaign to increase interest for WSP as the number one advisor in shaping a sustainable future by focusing on how to solve the energy equation of tomorrow.


How to talk to a broad target audience about a complex subject

The challenges were finding a communicative concept that creates interest in WSP as the number one community developer among customers, partners, and employees. In this case, especially regarding energy. And how to talk about sustainable energy in a way that makes it feel inspiring and positive. Since it is a complex question with several answers, and since the subject itself can feel quite heavy.


Is this the future? Creating curiosity with speculative future scenarios.

The insight came from the energy report that WSP produced, where it was clear that there are so many aspects of energy that are important to solve the energy equation in the future. Many were also unknown to most people. We, therefore, created a concept that would create curiosity about these. We did it through speculative and imaginative solutions along with the headline "Is this the future?" Everything from “electricity teleportation” to “bubble storage” and “lightning power plants” was highlighted as playful solutions. The campaign was also based on WSP's strategic platform, Future Ready. On the website, you could then read more about WSP's broad knowledge of sustainable energy. The campaign appeared in industry press, digital and social channels.

Here you can visit the campaign ladning page on WSP's website.