Digital Transformation


We strengthened Tork's digital presence to close the gap between marketing and sales.


Isobar has worked with Tork since 2018

Since then Isobar has helped Tork with global digital campaigns, lead management, inbound marketing, global redesign of the website, implementing a new service architecture as well as marketing automation.

Tork had launched a new continuous hand towel system, Tork PeakServe®, designed for high traffic venues. They wanted the product to be seen as the newest industry-shaping innovation that would revolutionise the day-to-day washroom management among facility service companies’ personnel. The buying process for a product like this is long and a challenge a traditional campaign can’t solve. Also, the target group was fragmented, running from facility managers at huge stadiums to facility service companies’ personnel. And they all faced very different challenges. Everything from dirty washrooms, inefficient workflow to high cost of service.


A personalised dialogue about how the product could bring superior value to their specific challenge

Founded in the umbrella concept we created a tactical nurturing dialogue program called “facility management made hassle-free” and structured a mail logic based on x different archetypes. We also created a lead scoring model that determines how "hot" a lead is to ensure that the sellers only get qualified leads. We also developed a completely new lead-to-revenue process for Tork, which helps to optimise each step in the marketing and sales process. Through the lead scoring test, we also learned about the target group's various challenges and how they ranked them. By knowing this, we could to provide them with relevant content throughout the e-mail dialogue and thus transport them to conversion.


All-time high lead generation

An internal enablement process aligning marketing and sales has changed the way Tork operates internally, creating a more customer-centric approach to lead management.

The first marketing automation pilot generated 100+ qualified leads, and a substantial increase in MQLs, all-time high for a digital activation at Tork.