Share a Feeling


We created an integrated brand experience that starts with the shopper.


An easy way to show how we feel

Coca Cola wanted to help asian teens overcome their shyness when it comes to expressing their feelings, in order to better connect with each other and enjoy their summer.

What if every can of Coke became a way to easily share a feeling?


Borrowing from the world of emoticons

We looked at a visual and fun way of communicating that teens where already familiar with - the emoticon. Identifying the top 50 emojis that were popular or locally relevant for each ASEAN market, we designed unique Coca-Cola versions and featured them on the pack.

We then showcased the idea and the new packaging by lining them up in different combinations to communicate feelings that people had for each other. The campaign was delivered through various channels including TV, OOH, Social Media as well as various digital engagement ideas where teens could personalise their own cans and get customised stickers on social chat apps.