Re: Platform


We turned TVNZ’s vision to deliver authentic news into a user-led content platform.


Leading the category

TVNZ wanted to give young people an escape route from the the internet as they knew it and give them a chance to create, curate, share and report on what matters to them. Through in-depth research that informed our strategy, we discovered that the internet’s biggest user group (Millennials) was tired of autoplayed and pre-curated content. Our challenge was to put the power back into the consumer’s hands – with an intuitive platform that had been designed from the ground-up to break industry norms.


Experience-led transformation

We created the Re: platform, which gives the user total control over the content they see. We devised alternative ways to search for content that encouraged users to step outside of their comfort zone, e.g. a content randomiser, which presented a new topic each time it’s refreshed, exposing users to a broad spectrum of unrelated topics. We also encouraged users to search for content based on emotive filters, or by how much time they have available so the content they view is directly related to their needs. Rather than auto-playing the next piece of content, we put the choice into the user’s hands, so at the end of each video the user is presented with two options, the first being ‘more of the same’ or ‘something different’.