Plant Assistant


The Plant Assistant app is powered by image recognition and AI and offers instant answers for a faster, way to clean water.


Rapid wastewater treatment requires chemicals, while the gentle approach takes weeks. Until now.

We produce huge amounts of wastewater in the world. Gentle treatment using natural, biological microbes requires weeks of analysis in labs. Therefore, chemicals are often the quick-fix, but with potential long-term negative consequences. Until now, the time factor has been the biggest obstacle for sustainable, natural wastewater treatment.


An app that uses image recognition software and AI to analyze wastewater in seconds.

Plant Assistant uses well-known technology to revolutionise wastewater analysis. In fractions of seconds the app’s image recognition software and AI can examine an image from a microscope, determine the type of bacteria in the water, and suggest the best and most gentle, biological method of treatment. Like a lab in your pocket, out there at the wastewater facilities where decisions have to be made.


Powered by image recognition and AI

Plant Assistant has reduced analysis of water samples from weeks to seconds.