12 November 2020

Lotto App in playful relaunch

Danes who love games will now get an even better experience with Lotto App. The popular entrance to the dream of becoming a millionaire has gotten a significant boost based on user tests, good technical skills and a playful design.

Lotto App is the largest digital sales platform of Danske Spil measured by revenue. When it entered the marked in 2016 it was already a giant success, and from the beginning it has been the ambition of Danske Spil to develop the app as new needs and technical possibilities arise. 


With the 2020-relaunch, the app is an even more engaging and inspiring tool. The new front page has a clean and harmonic design, intuitive navigation and offers a line of killer-features. And there is even added a little extra celebration of winners and a satisfying tactile experience for the fingers to make the gameplay even more entertaining and joyful.  


”This is a thoroughly worked-through solution – the result of a number of creative sprints and analyses, where our team at Danske Spil and Isobar together challenged and revisited assumptions and habits and then did user tests during the process”, says Lotte Lind from Danske Spil.


When Buster Damgaard Laursen, App Stack Director at Isobar, looks back upon the intense process, he wants to praise Danske Spil:


Danske Spil had – despite their large selection of different types of lotteries and gaming options – the courage to limit themselves. That resulted in a game-app where every single player gets a personalized and focused experience, where your favorite games are always right at hand.”


That your favorite games are right at hand literally means, that everything is within the reach of the thumb on the heart in the middle and a “one-swipe”-function for fast buying. It has increasingly become the users personal game app that gives you the opportunity to name and save your own favorite coupons – also the ones bought down in the corner store. 


Of course, Lotto App also provides access to the latest innovative concepts from Denmark’s largest gaming provider: “Play Together”, where more players can play the same game in a safe way, and “Your Luck”, where players can find their numbers from a lucky place, a lucky photo or “their heart” through heart rate measurement. 


The players have received the relaunched Lotto App very good. Already, Danske Spil is pleased that the good conversion rate of 40 % is maintained. However, this does not mean that they can relax, says Martin Hyldahl Knudsen, Technical App Manager at Danske Spil: “We never stop listening to want the players want, make tests along the way, and improve the app. To give our customers the best gaming experiences we need to develop constantly”.