Senior Frontend Developer

Copenhagen, Denmark

Wanna be part of great solutions all the way from concept to go live?

Are you a skilled, experienced front-end developer with your finger on the pulse, dreaming of working with large web projects and all the new technologies? Also, are you full of ideas, solution-oriented and a great colleague? Great – because you are exactly the one we need at Isobar.




We work in teams with a lot of sparring across skills and competences, so you will never be left alone on a task. In your professional team, you will meet your like-minded people, some of the country's best front-end developers and digital designers. And in close coop with the colleagues in your client team(s), involving business talents, clever creative enthusiasts and dedicated developers, you create ultimate customer experiences across technologies, channels, browsers and devices.


We believe that the front-end must be involved from the start of the project. Therefore, you will be responsible for creating the right front-end architecture for the solution. To us 'designing-in-the-browser' is key, and the concept only gets soul and pulse when it can be experienced properly. That is why our front-enders work closely with concept developers, Art Directors and UXs to create the solution in the browser already in the concept phase.


When solutions are being implemented, you work closely with our developers. We always work agile and in sprints with proved processes, systems and strong project management.


We are passionate about our solutions – and create value for our client's customers. We love to make front-end based on the latest new opportunities and trends.




We are a great lot of dedicated people here in Copenhagen, and while Isobar surely means something different to everyone, it is indeed quite unique. We make room for you to be yourself and room to become even more. And so, you will be an important part of our culture and a spirit that we always take good care of. In fact, taking care of each other, our clients and the world we live in is very important to us. If you want to join us and dedicate yourself to your nearest colleagues, the teams you will be part of, the projects you will work on and the clients you will work for, we will treat you with…


  • A great workplace in the center of the city

  • The chance to think beyond any boundary - in your daily life as well as your career

  • A fun, diverse workday with lots of challenges

  • The smartest and sweetest colleagues in the industry

  • Denmark's best kitchen with excellent breakfast and lunch - every day

  • Friday bar, wine tasting club, running club, cool parties and events

  • You are a technically skilled front-end developer; you think creatively and are passionate about quality in code and performance

  • You are independent and have a goal-oriented attitude to your work

  • You are curious by nature, always keep up with developments and cannot help but put yourself into the latest

  • You are thorough and disciplined in your work. To you it is natural to test, quality audit and constantly optimize.

  • You are motived by doing creative quality solutions and by being part of a team with skilled and talented colleagues

  • As a person you are constructive and positive minded

  • You are empathetic and have a great drive

You have experience with and attitudes to:

Javascript and ccs-frameworks, designing-in-the-browser-, mobile and touch, webdesign, animation, accessibility and digital communication. You are always updated on modern front-end technologies as Static Site Generators, SSR etc.


Also, we guess you have loads of experiences with, among other things:

Building large scale web solutions. Knowing your HTML, CSS and JS. Looked closely into Typescript, Nodejs, Webpack and Git in your workflows. Besides, it’s a plus if you know of Visual Studio, have been building solutions to .net, MVC, Umbraco, EPiServer, Sitecore etc.




Isobar combines being close to you with a worldwide presence. We are more than 225 colleagues here in Copenhagen joined in the global Isobar with 6,500 people. Several years in a row, Isobar has been named one of the most innovative and visionary digital agencies in the world - "a Global Leader". Furthermore, we are part of Dentsu - one of the world's largest agency networks – giving us even more leverage and resources to tap into. But size is not all. In Isobar it is our mission to transform both businesses and people's lives through the creative use of digital. More than anything else it requires skills, passion and cooperation to be able to do that.


Isobar was formerly Magnetix Linked by Isobar.

Mylmage has named us best digital agency for the past eight years.




Send us a few words about yourself as well as your CV and a link to your LinkedIn profile to: