Luke Wells

Executive Assistant

So, who are you and what do you do? 

My name is Luke and I am a executive assistant here at Isobar UK. I joined the company back in September 2020 and I support the Isobar UK Leadership Team and CEO, Iain.


Tell us a bit about your background

Well, I have had quite an eclectic career. I initially trained as a professional dancer and I worked on the tv and stage (think X factor/MTV/Billy Elliot)really enjoyed it and eventually took on a role working at Andrew Lloyd Webbers Drama School as Health and Wellbeing Manager, which has always been a deep personal interest of mine. 

A couple of years ago I decided to take a leap of faith, and turn my hand to something new, as long as it was creative business(whatever that would be). After a few temping roles and opportunities, my organisational and people skills naturally transitioned into supporting excellent leadership. 

I joined Isobar’s global team and spent a brilliant year working with them, it allowed me to really learn about the industry and how we work as a company. Then I took up a position with the Isobar UK team – where I am today. 


What does your normal working day look like?

This is a really tough one as every is always so different for me. I look after the leadership teams’ diaries and help them manage their time - which is forever chopping and changing at the last minute. All the personal assistants and executive assistants across the global markets have developed great relationships, meaning we can work together as efficiently as possible, even while working remotely.

I also help by recording minutes in meetings, creating agendas, booking travel, processing expenses, etc. I’m also involved in some great company initiatives which I am super excited to get my teeth into in 2021.



What skills and expertise do you need to be good at your job?

I would say you have to be completely open to opportunities and being able to work with last minute changes. Forward planning and being good with people and communicating is absolutely vital.

As well as organisation because being organised is one thing but to support 4,5,6 people is another- and if you can do all that with a positive attitude then you are on to a winner.



What’s your favourite thing about your job?

Iconstantly learning and I really enjoy that. My management and team are incredibly talented people who are so generous and supportive of my career development.

I also love collaborative working and knowing you’re part of something much bigger, which as a whole is striving for the same success – it’s a great thing to be a part of.



Do you have any advice for someone starting out in their career? 


But I’ll narrow it down to my top tips - take risks, be open, communicate well, work hard and be kind.