Unlocking Growth

Philips Hue

Philips Hue, Signify’s premium smart lighting brand, was on a mission to make lighting simpler, more inspiring and personal. Signify shifted Hue’s growth strategy toward a direct-to-consumer model, putting the online customer experience in focus, and setting about to transform their digital landscape.


Philips Hue, Signify’s premium smart lighting brand, is on a mission to make lighting simpler, more inspiring and personal. 

When Philips Hue shifted their focus to a direct-to-consumer model, Signify wanted to deliver a premium and personalised customer experience. This meant bringing the brands commerce journey and its data back in-house.


Together with Signify, we choose to migrate Philips Hue to the Adobe Experience Cloud. Commerce was brought in-house and under Signify’s control with a ‘headless’ deployment of Magento.

This approach allowed the team to connect multiple backend systems and data sources. A truly seamless and personalised experience could be delivered across channels using the addition of Adobe Experience Manager.

By adding new touchpoints, like the Philips Hue app, also became faster and more flexible than ever before. With Signify, we then formed blended agile marketing squads, hyper-focused on the customer. The squads were each given a different phase in the customer’s journey and could now rapidly build and test new campaigns, landing pages and product offers.


For the first time, the marketing squads gained a unified perspective of the customer’s journey, and philips-hue.com became a true direct-to-consumer sales channel, and the improved customer experience speaks for itself. 

Marketing content performance has improved by 25%, site load times by 70%, and site conversion by 30%. Looking ahead, the Philips Hue transformation is well on its way to delivering 100% year-on-year growth.