Business Transformation

Sherry Fitzgerald

We launched a first-of-its-kind digital platform for Ireland’s largest estate agents, transforming the experience of their customers and estate agents alike.


A digital tranformation

Purchasing a property is a huge decision and is a stressful process with buyers feeling their lack of knowledge of the overall property buying process. Now more than ever, the opportunity was there to rethink Irish property in a digital context and deliver the convenience, impact, and customer focus that is now required to truly engage with people on their terms in our 24/7, always-on world. Sherry Fitz knew that time had come and our team at Isobar were ready to meet the task head-on.


A portal to the future

In what is known as a complex, emotionally draining process for buyers and sellers, establishing the points in the journey that digital would play a role was paramount. The enormity of the decision in the lives of the customer could also not be underestimated and a complete understanding of such customer-specific issues was crucial.

mysherryfitz portal would see Irish consumers place their bids and view competitors’ bids online whenever suits them. Extensive functionality within the platform further digitalised the property process. In addition, standing side-by-side was now a revitalised, stacked with useful resources. Property buyers and sellers were now assured there was someone speaking their language.


Speeding up the process

Working with Sherry, we got to know how they operated, how their customers thought, and could then begin the process of gradually weaving digital into every step of the customer’s property process itself. From workshops and testing to extensive research, we gained a complete insight into Irish Property, giving us the perfect platform for success.

MySherryFitz is the first property platform in the Irish market to enable people to arrange viewings, enquiries and offers, as well as manage the buying process, anywhere, anytime and on any device. The service includes a progress tracker that alerts buyers on what they need to do next at each stage to avoid unnecessary delays during the sale of a property.