Make Someone's Day

Scottish Government

Our campaign elevated St Andrew's Day by pulling at Scottish heartstrings, marking it as a day to 'make someone's day'.


Driving participation

We (Whitespace - an Isobar company) were tasked with getting more people to become aware of how to celebrate St Andrew’s Day, and to participate in the national day activities.


An idea to inspire

Scots are renowned for their traditions, poetry and hearty delicacy, the haggis. But they also famously possess traits of kindness and generosity. And what better day to celebrate these compassionate traits than St Andrew’s Day, the national day of Scotland. The patron saint was also kindly soul, so the idea was simple – to inspire modern day Scots to mark the day by undertaking a kind act or gesture, big or small, for another person. In other words, to ‘Make Someone’s Day this St Andrew’s Day’.