FWD Insurance

We re-designed FWD's platform making it possible to get an insurance quotation in under 60 seconds.


Changing the way people feel about insurance

When FWD was entering the over insured SG market, it was also going up against deeply entrenched incumbents. In designing their new Direct-to-Customer quotation platform, we saw a great opportunity to redefine the insurance experience for a digitally savvy and mobile centric audience as an additional way for them to gain a competitive advantage.


Can we deliver a quote in 60 seconds?

Challenging the widely accepted yet time-consuming and frustrating process of getting an insurance quotation, we re-looked at the entire process with the goal of making it as easy and seamless as possible.

The experience design process lead us into simplifying data collection while still ensuring compliance with regulations and operational requirements. Deep collaboration with FWD also enabled many innovative features to be discussed & developed. A clean and simple design language also made the site easy to navigate, great for browsing on mobile and lightning fast to load.



We achieved business launch KPIs in 4 weeks

The fastest quotation was delivered in 24 seconds with 1 in 4 quotation sold and 8x global conversion rates.