Pocket Store


We created award-winning ‘KFC Pocket Stores’ to engage consumers and drive with KFC on China’s No.1 social platform, WeChat like never before.



From the music short video Douyin (Tik Tok) to the eCommerce model that enables a team purchase (Pinduoduo), we have counselled KFC on Chinese decentralisation trends to online platforms. Consumers in China have become content creators and promoters, breaking the gap between urban and rural areas in China to create a new commercial marketing model. KFC China was seeking a way to convert 180 million members into commerce opportunities, and our creative ideas helped them achieve this ambition.



We helped KFC to create a new commerce model by embracing scale of social fans and power of mobile payment. ‘KFC Pocket Stores’ are virtual KFC stores using China’s No.1 social platform, WeChat. Through this idea, KFC has turned its 180 million members into store owners and transformed brand commerce into ‘Me-Commerce’.