City Sleek Can


We inspired young chinese consumers to re-engage with their city in an interactive experience, AR city exploration experience.


Launching a new product design

Coca-Cola launched a new city sleek can design, with distinctive elements of every Chinese city. But with the competition for chinese consumers at its peak, how could we ensure Coca-Cola's launch had cut through?


Personalised AR experiences

Using AR technology, Chinese consumers could scan the Coca-Cola can to reveal a cool AR animation, integrated with Baidu maps to displaying a 360 ° panoramic landmark experience. Baidu encyclopedia was also integrated into the experience to check each city’s symbolic elements, with insights provided by Baidu big data to reveal each city’s unique features.


An engagement boom

The experience attracted more than 4.8 million consumers with comments reaching 2 million on social media. The average user interacted with the experience for more than five times, and 21.48% of them shared it through social channels. The Campaign’s WeChat index increased 6231% and Baidu index 197%. Most importantly, the sales grew by 8% over the same period.