10 January 2020

Isobar UK CCO Simon Gill discusses Experience-led Disruption at Experience Fighters in Madrid

CÉSAR&CHARLES is a fresh addition to the Czech Street apparel scene, having recently launched to the market in a campaign by Isobar Czech Republic, the brands’ strategic business partner.
The agency helped establish a provocative overall creative expression for the brand, including creating it’s visual identity, and an eye-popping campaign Titled ‘The Mythos’ including brand film, teaser and posters.The visual language created by Isobar references urban and pop culture with bright patterns, typography and the popular CÉSAR&CHARLES fluorescent stripe motif. Used as a waistband and as reigns, the belt is a central motif that symbolises both power and defiance – two important elements of any streetwear brand. The brand story is told in a Fashion film, “The Mythos” showing the CÉSAR&CHARLES tube defying the category, gender and societal norms and embracing their own individual sense of style.
 Film Director Matyáš Fara said, "The Mythos is our creative take on the founding of the CÉSAR&CHARLES brand. We were not simply introducing a fashion collection. We were creating brand Mythology. In our vision, César and Charles became two warriors, so stylish and self-confident, they even dared to challenge the Gods to fight." 
 Pavel Flégl, the Executive Creative Director of Isobar Czech Republic said "The movie is intentionally set into the dark post-communist suborns of Prague, and the story is a metaphor to contemporary society tied up by the archetypes. CÉSAR&CHARLES is a brand for those who want to stand out and express their true attitude. Same as our heroes.”
 Supporting roles in the movie are played by rising Czech influencers - MMA fighter and model Kateřina Kinderová (@kundosaki_), fashion blogger Thatboy (@thatboy.cz), and rapper Lvcas Dope (@lvcas.dope). Last named also featured CÉSAR&CHARLES brand in his latest music video. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XzwFSY7O0NY)Founded in 2019 by Stephan Pay, a French entrepreneur with a passion for current urban style, an eye for high-quality materials and a vision of clever functional details. The first-ever CÉSAR&CHARLES collection reflects on his personal style and features bold, expressive, current pieces, unified by the distinctive yellow-red branding.