Single unified platform for Czech NGO


With Salesforce Sales Cloud implementation and customization of its functions according to Loono's requirements, Loono now have a single unified platform for easy administration and quick retrieval of all available information.


Loono is a Czech NGO that brings together young doctors, medical students and other medical professionals who educate the general public on the importance of prevention. They organize education events and share their education content online through social media. Loono aims to increase the awareness of prevention of oncological and cardiovascular disorders, and to contribute to overall reproductive healthcare.

Loono is organizing several dozens of workshops and training events every month. The organization process, communication with partners and project administration have outgrown the stage where they could be managed using static Excel tables. Loono management have therefore decided to implement Salesforce Sales Cloud CRM platform. As a non-profit organization, Loono received the basic licenses free of charge from Salesforce.


Sales Cloud enables handy project management using Opportunities, records workshops that were held, keeps track of communication with individual partners and points of contact, and provides thorough overview of cash flow by tracking all invoices. Thanks to creation of a new "Object" called Donation, Loono can track and process all subsidies, donations, grants, and other financial flows without any difficulty.

Based on Loono's requests, Isobar consultants have set up a number of functions that make everyday work easier, automate recurring processes, and enable all users to keep in touch with team activities. For Loono's management, it is easier to organize the individual projects, reach out to potential leads from private and public organizations, and to define the overall communication strategy.

Isobar's experts have also focused on user adoption and user-friendly aspect of the platform and its functions. Isobar provided their consulting services to Loono free of any charge as part of their CSR activities.

Results and Future Potential

From May 2019 till May 2020, Loono's Salesforce database recorded over 1050 potential contacts, of which 60 were successfully converted to leads and contacted with an event offer. Furthermore, for 95 contacts created prior to Salesforce implementation, Loono managed to organize a reoccurring workshop. By the end of 2019, Loono also secured 124 events with costs covered by private companies, which generates additional funding needed to organize and pay for free workshops in schools, public events and community centers.

Full adoption of the functions provided by Salesforce platform will enable Loono to expand into new regions, build up their contact database and drive the opportunities for more workshops in schools, at public events and in private companies. Loono is planning to enroll all team leaders into Salesforce so they can participate in spreading the awareness and goodwill. With better project management, the portfolio of workshops can be developed further, and more people can be trained.