Go-to Taxi app bolsters customer service

Liftago Taxi

Isobar is proud to have delivered Salesforce Service Cloud at Liftago Taxi, market-leading Czech & Slovak taxi app which collaborates with professional drivers. Liftago is the highest-rated app that lets you easily select both car and driver to ride with.


Liftago’s rapid expansion meant a need for an upgrade of their system, all while fulfilling their customers’ expectations.

Liftago´s rapid expansion resulted in a need to upgrade their systems, all while fulfilling their customers’ expectations non-stop.   

Liftago has grown in the last few years. They focus on customer satisfaction as a key success metric, which among others differentiates them from the likes of Uber and Bolt (formerly Taxify). Providing rankings of clients and drivers creates mutual respect between both passengers and drivers. 

In order to support their fast expansion and gather data from both customers and drivers, Liftago needed to improve its customer & driver communication process. As well, they wanted to automate their customer feedback collection & analysis tools to meet the ever-increasing demand. 


We offered Liftago a cloud-based tool to automate their processes.

Together with the Liftago team, Isobar has built a cloud-based tool to help automate all customer-centric workflows. Service Cloud now underpins Liftago's reporting capabilities, as well as their customer survey tool, which is sent to individual employees after every ride.

This enhancement negates internal competition, as employees are unable to pick and choose tasks and have to work on the ones they are automatically assigned to. Looking forward, Liftago is strongly considering Salesforce Marketing Cloud to augment their target customer communication and help them capture even more market share.


With Salesforce Service Cloud now fully implemented, Liftago is able to automate the collection of data from both passengers and taxi drivers, resulting in an all-round seamless experience.