MindSight® is a proprietary emotion measurement research technique and global initiative that enables our teams and clients to transcend consumer’s barriers, uncovering emotional forces that drive category usage, product trial, and brand loyalty.

Understanding consumer motivations and targeting brand messaging that resonates with those unique motivations creates a reason to engage with and develop an emotional bond with your brand. However, accessing emotions is difficult, and traditional research methods based on self-report tend to be biased, non-replicable, and inaccurate. To get around these limitations, we have combined emotional, behaviour, and cognitive techniques to generate insights that can transform brands.

MindSight uncovers the emotions that allow us to decode complex human responses and generate actionable insights. MindSight targets the 'why' behind the choices we make. With that understanding we uncover what drives consumers to try a new product, to choose one brand over another, or to keep watching an ad.