26 May 2020

A pharmaceutical player digitalizes most of its business development workflows with Isobar

The success of the pharmaceutical industry requires players to continuously rethink their processes and business workflows and ultimately maximize the efficiency of their operations. Digitalization using state of the art platforms like Salesforce is the main key of their transformation.
Our customer aims helping people around the world to access high-quality medicine. Hence the communication of lifescience information is a strategic objective and they must ensure it is done effectively no matter where healthcare professionals are. The format of content and the way it is delivered, both need to be optimized for a value-driven experience.

For the success of the integrated internal access strategy on how to ensure market success of our customer, we provided operational excellence, technical capabilities and engagement connecting different business development workstreams.

“We implemented a unique platform based on Salesforce Core, which centralizes worldwide information and provides seamless access to information to business development managers. It also enables functional scope and geographical areas to develop a culture of collaboration along the whole value chain when buying products in the generics space.” said Tobias Hollritt, Account Director North Switzerland, Isobar.

This platform automates workflows efficiently via digital capabilities and can fully support a data-driven company with real-time analytics powered by AI using Einstein, the latest analytics tool by Salesforce.

On top of the implementation of the platform, we supported the digitalization of content to move away from traditional learning to interactive communication materials to deliver appropriate training to business stakeholders. We created a digital library that we populated with interactive content based on “MyTrailhead”, a Learning and Enabler Space supported by Salesforce and available worldwide.

By digitalizing the majority of their business workflows, we enhanced the way Business Development experts leverage the «buy and sell» of their products. By end of this year, the majority of Business Development & Licensing teams should have been trained through this platform and are ready to use the product with its full capabilities.