27 March 2020

Covid-19 Chatbot launched by Isobar Switzerland

Digital Experience Agency Isobar Switzerland has developed a chatbot that provides authoritative and validated information through a conversational interface about COVID-19. The teams are providing the development and implementation on brand websites or intranets free of charge for 30 days, during the peak of COVID-19.

The chatbot connects and leverages the World Health Organization (WHO)’s Q&A and is fully customisable. Implementation takes less than 48 hours and will provide 24/7 assistance thereafter. The first client to implement this solution is the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC). Eros Bosisio, Head of Internal Communications at the ICRC said:

“In times like these, it is of paramount importance that we communicate clearly and frequently with our employees who are spread around the globe. That is why the COVID-19 Chatbot has been so useful as it allows us to quickly and coherently answer our employees’ questions in real time. This is fantastic added-value from our partner Isobar”.

Gail Junoy, Head of Marketing & Communications at Isobar Switzerland said:

“The world finds itself in a unique situation, so we need to create world-first ideas to mitigate the further spread of the Coronavirus. We believe it is our duty as a digital and technology partner to support our clients and communities, providing critical information at the right time.”

Developments in Artificial Intelligence (Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing), coupled with ever-changing user expectations are driving the evolution of User Interfaces (UI), opening new ways of interacting with technology.

Pierre-Alexandre Riera, Chief Operations Officer at Isobar Switzerland said:

“Digital assistants are an often-overlooked opportunity that enable brands or internal organizations to activate their purpose, signal their point of difference and embed themselves in people’s lives. They are designed to connect seamlessly both on and offline to elevate and augment the human experience. Designing and integrating these forms of interfaces can either be used for an experience-driven purpose, or a process-driven purpose.”

The COVID-19 chatbot enables brands and employers to inform more people, faster, with accurate and up to date information. Virtual Assistants, such as this Coronavirus chatbot, are a time-saving resource for internal processes, instead of managing monotonous, repetitive tasks, businesses can focus on activities that drive value.

Live Chatbot Demo: