12 December 2019

IWS India wins Great Indian Workplace Award 2019

Isobar World Services (IWS) India has been awarded the ‘Great Indian Workplace Award’ at the 3rd Edition of Culture Summit by UBS Forums in Mumbai.
The award recognises companies with exceptional workplace cultures and practices and was presented to IWS India following a selection and evaluation process, part of which involved an employee survey and culture audit. IWS India was recognised for providing a safe, caring and engaging work environment where employees take pride in their work, enjoy work-life balance and continuous professional growth. The selection criteria for the award considered management, company trust, employee benefits and work culture. IWS India continues to innovate HR practices regarding hiring, diversity & inclusion, active engagement, rewards & recognition and performance management. Best practices include: - Participation of employees in major company decisions - Flexible work hours - A strong internal communication system - Regular employee feedback through surveys and one to one meeting - Value-driven rewards & recognition policy - Strong emphasis on the pillars of culture - Organised charity work to give back to society Reflecting on the award, Shashikant Shimpi, Country Head, IWS India, said, "This award fills us with a deep sense of achievement and pride. Our highest goal at IWS India is to make our people feel more comfortable and happy working with us. I am proud of the work our team has done in delivering high quality technology services to our clients globally but also building an engaging and inclusive work environment. We want to continue our efforts to make a great workplace for all.”