23 November 2020

Everybody can make a difference

Isobar Good Blog Series
A personal guideline on how to "just do it" with what you already have to promote UN SDG Goal 3 – ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for all.

When approached to write a blog about how Isobar can do “good” in society to contribute to the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG), I pondered into what I could write. The more I thought about this topic, I realised that I was approaching the whole topic in a “wrong” way. Let me explain.

I have a passion and a belief that every individual should and can be a positive influence on the society that they live in. Also, the SDG #3 - Good health and well-being - was the agenda that I felt most passionate about. Finally, how can we use technology to benefit the general population? Simplifying lives not complicating it, and practically useful not a gimmick, and useable without the need to buy more things!

Then I started to think about the wonderful, groundbreaking, earth-shattering and innovative agendas that Isobar could initiate, that will “help” a large population somewhere in the world. However, does it always have to be big & complicated, why for people that I will never get to see or meet, and finally why is it for Isobar “the organization” to do and not for me to do as an individual?

This led to three profound realizations:

  1. The initiative should be for the purpose to “do good” not to “help”.
  2. Before trying to do good to benefit the “big” world, do good for the benefit of people living within the “small” world where I live.
  3. It should also be easy to do, approachable for all to participate and repeatable over time.

What can we, as individuals, initiate to promote the good health and well-being for the residents of our local community?  It is common sense to us all that the COVID-19 isolations have led to many people feeling lonely, out of touch with their loved ones, and generally unsupported. What if we did “good” by connecting people to their loved ones by showing them how to use the technology they already own? Simples things like using WhatsApp video call feature or joining a family-wide zoom call was what I had in mind. I will “recruit” some eager volunteers within Isobar to go with me: I already found people who want to do this. The elderly population is going to be my first target audience, as I know for many in this demographic, technology is difficult and ill-understood: my parents included!

Outcome so far?

Two assisted living homes for the elderly in the town of Carouge (Geneva) have been visited. After the initial “surprise” at the unexpected suggestion, they have both welcomed it and asked for a written proposal to be submitted. This shows there is a need and interest for such a service.

My 9-year-old daughter is very excited about it as she has a personal connection with one of the places visited - her school goes to sing to the residents every year. A meeting with the local mayor, where we discussed this and other ideas that could be initiated for the good of the resident of Carouge, led to new contacts and connections being made to the right people to make these projects happen.

Finally, an endorsement and advertisement by the local government of this initiative are hoped and expected to demonstrate to the general population that we can all do “good” and it doesn’t have to be big, bold or complicated. We just need to do it.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we all, as individuals, looked around where we live and pro-actively find a way to do “good” for the benefit of others and our society?

If this was achieved, the big-world problems may start to look a little smaller.

All we need is a will to do good constantly, and desire to encourage and support each other.

I like to live in such a society.

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About Isobar Good:

Isobar Good is a purpose-led initiative that uses Isobar’s skills, expertise, and methodology to drive measurable social impact for brands, businesses, and not-for-profit organisations (NFPs). Our blog series is an opportunity for our employees to share their opinion, views and knowledge about how digital and technology can contribute to the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals.

About the author:

Ho Goh was born in South Korea. He grew up in London from the age of 10 where he completed his studies in Economics. He started a consulting career in quality assurance from the year 2000 and continued in this career path after moving to Switzerland in 2015. His passion for supporting communities came from his recognition of abundant blessings he receives each and every day, and his desire to share it. On the weekends he enjoys exploring local markets with his family and serving his local church. Ho has been with Isobar Switzerland since November 2019 and enjoys his role as a Senior Test Manager.

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