Connected Frame


We created an 'Augmented Reality 'try-before-you-buy' experience to bring Hublot's innovation philosophy to life.


Putting the product in the hands of more people

Hublot wanted to create a customer experience that demonstrated its commitment to innovation and differentiate it's brand from the competition. As a luxury and high value brand, we needed an idea that would bring the brand outside of the Jewellers and boutique shops and into the hands of people outside of Hublot's core market.


Innovation driving sales leads

The Connected Frame offers a 3D holographic image of the shopper’s wrist wearing the watch and transmitting the user's movements, in real time. In addition, consumers could check model availability in the nearest boutique and make an appointment. The innovation also offers a smart solution to the issues of stock and security, enabling more people to try on the brands entire range.

From a business perspective the experience was integrated with Salesforce Sales Cloud.


Prized Innovation

The display delivered connectivity, interaction and customer experience, combining the product itself with digital technology. This new mobile display case was launched at Geneva Days and is displayed as a demonstration piece in the entrance hall of the Hublot and used at Hublot events around the world.

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