We created a loyalty programme to inspire users to experience the Porsche lifestyle and reward them for every kilometre driven on the road.


Connecting consumers & dealerships

Porsche needed a drivers program that resonated with all their customers, not just those registered at an official Porsche dealer. Porsche customers are often disconnected from the dealership after purchasing a car, and don't know the best way to achieve the Porsche driving experience and lifestyle. We knew that the experience needed to focus on driving - because it's what happens behind the wheel of a Porsche that differentiates its product and its brand.


A loyalty and a community platform

We created Porsche24, a program rewarding Porsche drivers’ for every kilometre, encouraging them to drive more, get more and truly experience the Porsche lifestyle. For every mile driven, the mobile app rewards the driver with points. These points can be used to unlock different levels that contain exclusive Porsche privileges and benefits, including discounted car servicing, free car-check ups and training days.

We also created a dashboard for dealerships that enabled them to create events, create personal invites and keep track of the best performing drivers, bringing the Porsche brand, their dealerships and drivers together into one platform.