BOSS Coffee

We brought all the joy of coffee time into an on-the-go bespoke ordering service for BOSS Coffee.


A highly recognised best seller

Suntory’s ready-to-drink brand BOSS Coffee is a highly recognised best-seller in its category in Japan with 100M units sold annually. 


Working styles for its key target audience continue to change, especially post-Covid, so BOSS sought to diversify its offering by creating an innovative solution that combined a social media storefront with Direct-to-Consumer commerce capabilities. The ambition was to deliver personalised experiences with customised drinks and flavour variations. 


Designing a personalised experience

LINE, Japan’s most popular social app, underpinned a never-before seen BOSS Coffee customisation of 120 flavour combinations, bespoke label designs to add personalisation, packaging that allowed for easy mobility and speedy pickups. Powered by LINE Pay, LINE’s own cashless system, or pre-registered credit cards, users can complete purchases on their mobile phone and are notified within minutes with a unique code in real-time when their drink is ready for pick up at the designated TOUCH-AND-GO Coffee unmanned store.



A dramatic reduction in waiting times

Just a month since its launch, TOUCH-AND-GO Coffee reported an acquisition of 40K new friends on LINE and sold out every day. This service acquired 27.4 million impressions on social media and triggered a user generated content trend from their customised label designs. 


The 10-second average express pick up point reported a dramatic reduction in waiting times, liberating morning stress for customers to enjoy the experience. TOUCH-AND-GO Coffee’s success has propelled Suntory to commit to the expansion of the number of pick up points nationwide in the near future.