Bruises can be Good


With 39 crimes against women reported every hour in India, we created a campaign with Reebok to help bring about a much-needed reform.


Purpose-led creativity

On International Women’s Day (IWD), Reebok India wanted to extend its message of #FitToFight and ensure that every woman exhibits the fighting spirit. With the wave of feminism gaining momentum in the country, International Women’s Day was going to be flooded with messages for women, from brands across categories. The challenge was to make Reebok and its message stand out and create an impact.


Making a stand

The insight was born through one of the biggest signs of violence against women - bruises. In India, if a man is seen with bruises, he’s thought to be a fighter. His bruises are considered to be a mark of his physical strength and courage. However, a woman with bruises is considered to be vulnerable and weak, often they are perceived to be a result of injustice towards her. Our ideas was to demonstrate that a bruised woman doesn't have to always be a result of domestic violence - that we can make that change . In a country where bruises on a woman are considered as a sign of vulnerability, we showed that bruises can be a mark of a woman’s strength, and can be a portrayal of a woman’s #FitToFight spirit.. To make our point #BruisesCanBeGood was introduced through a social experiment.