Blind Faith Upgrade

Hotel Ramada

We created a innovative design solution for visually-impaired travellers to differentiate Hotel Ramada's brand and demonstrate its commitment to customer service.


Products that deliver differentiation & scale

Hotel Ramada wanted to ensure that their consumer experience caters to all guests, especially the thousands of visually-impaired pilgrims who visit the holy shrine Ajmer Shareef. The challenge was to create a resourceful solution that would be economical and scalable, without requiring infrastructural modifications to the property.


Designed to empower consumers

We created 'The Blind Faith Upgrade,' an innovative solution that transformed hotel rooms into visually-impaired friendly spaces using an easy-to-assemble kit including: reusable tactile paving tiles to help orientate hotel guests, braille literature with an audio-assist pens, which used optical identification converting written language into audio, and Braille labels converting any phone into a Braille-enabled phone. We chose to launch the kit to attract the thousands of visually-impaired travelers visiting Ajmer Shareef, the shrine of Sufi Saint Moinuddin Chishti, every year. We promoted the kit through a film with testimonies from guests, with audio descriptors for our visually-impaired target audience. As the Upgrade does not require any infrastructural changes, it is easily adaptable in any hotel in India - or any hotel in the world.