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In 2018, Isobar was named one of the Top Ten Most Innovative companies in AR/VR placed on Fast Company’s Most Innovative Companies in AR/VR List. Fast forward a year and Isobar Group U.S. agency, Firstborn, was awarded that very same honor.

Describing Isobar's win in 2018, Fast Company said, “One of the keys to businesses adopting virtual reality is the ability to make money with it. But to do that, companies need to understand the return on their investment. That's why Isobar, a global digital marketing agency, created what it calls the Virtual Reality Emotional Measurement and Analytics Platform. It may not be the sexiest name for a tool, but for businesses interested in VR, it is compelling: The tool is the first to let brands measure their ROI for VR projects by measuring users' emotional responses to virtual reality content—in essence, gauging how effective it is.” - Fast Company

Firstborn is part of Isobar US Group and is a design and innovation agency. This years 'Top Innovative companies AR & VR’ recognises how the team has expanded the reach of AR and VR to new audiences, incorporated AR in ad campaigns to educate and drive product trial and even made B2B sales through this innovative medium. Firstborn also released an open-source toolkit for the developer community so others can create their own browser-based AR content.

This year’s list is an inspiring and insightful window into how many companies have embraced innovation and are working to make meaningful change.”

- David Lidsky, Fast Company Deputy Editor