Flip 50

We created and built a brand and accompanying app to target the “mid-lifer” demographic


Create, develop and launch a gym access brand and product

The Tivity Health board sent their product team a tough challenge: create, develop and launch a gym access brand and product for the 50+ demographic, and get it to market inside four months. This might have seemed impossible, but Isobar has a methodology for rapid brand and product development that works in tandem with an integrated client team to deliver! Our task was to help motivate our target market to be fitter, healthier and stick with a long-term wellness program.


A holistic lifestyle based program for those age 50 and up

In a world where fitness programs all seem to be aimed at buff millennials, flip50 is a complete wellness solution tailored to the needs of mid-lifers. Our research showed that our audience was interested in a solution that would help them to ‘look and feel leaner and better.’ The product idea centered around three pillars: Fitness, Nutrition and Relaxation - because knowing how to look after our mental health is as important as the physical side for the overall well-being of this time-squeezed Middle Generation. We centered on a mobile solution so we could leverage portability between home, work and gym; and decided on a weekly cadence of activities so our members can get quick wins and plan wellness easily into their weekly routine. flip50 isn't just making members happy; the product experience also caught the eye of industry experts, who recognized it at the Drum Marketing Awards (USA) 2019 in the Health category.


The new way to stay fit under 50

An award-winning product experience and national launch featured on The Dr. Oz Show.