1 October 2020

City of Sydney

Working in close collaboration with City of Sydney, Isobar managed the redesign, redevelopment and replatform of the site on to the Sitecore Experience Platform over the last 12 months. 
Like many councils, the City of Sydney provides a vast range of services to a wide range of stakeholders, from libraries, parks, and waste management, to venue hire, public consultation and infrastructure, to name just a few.

Ensuring these services are delivered effectively and efficiently meant providing inclusive and easily discoverable content in a previously complex and confusing environment. 

The City of Sydney is a vibrant, cosmopolitan city, and the website needed to be a space where all people regardless of hearing, movement, sight, and cognitive ability, can interact and communicate. 

We took a content-first approach to the website. We used user interviews, contextual enquiry and co-design sessions with City of Sydney SMEs and users so we could better understand how a variety of people naturally engaged with council services. 

Tom Gau, Chief Technology and Digital Services Officer at City of Sydney says “I think it’s fair to say that we have pushed every boundary to its very limit, be it creative, content or technology. This is a significant achievement for the City and also an important foundation for what’s to come!”

Thomas Tearle, Managing Director at Isobar says “Creating incredible experiences is our passion at Isobar. This project represents what we truly believe is a market-leading experience for residents and businesses of the City, and something that we are incredibly proud of. The whole team at Isobar and the City of Sydney have together created something that will transform the experience of engaging with the City and it seriously raises the bar for government digital customer experiences.”

The result is a seamless experience for both City of Sydney staff members managing the content, as well as those trying to access it.