12 August 2020

Isobar launches new ‘Sleepy Town with a Snoring Problem’ campaign for ResApp Health

We’re excited to launch the latest campaign for ResApp Health - raising awareness for the importance of early screening for sleep apnoea. As well as the launch of their new app 'SleepCheck’, which helps users assess their risk of sleep apnoea.

The new campaign comprises a short film titled ‘The Sleepy Town With a Snoring Problem’, featuring real residents from small New South Wales coastal town, Tuross Head, who are struggling to get a decent night’s sleep thanks to their snoring partners. The town symbolises a microcosm of Australia’s sleep apnoea problem.

The film tells the story of the sleepless residents of Tuross Head, creating bespoke ads around the town - including ads on local community radio station, 2EAR FM, full-page ads in the local weekly newspaper, Narooma News, banners throughout the town, personalised coasters at The Tuross Head Country Club and mobile billboard trucks - to persuade their partners to download SleepCheck and find out whether their snoring could be a sign of sleep apnoea.

Tony Keating, CEO of ResApp Health, commented, “Snoring is not only annoying for sleepless partners, but it is also a common sign of sleep apnoea. Our new campaign aims to reach long-suffering partners of snorers to educate them on whether there might be more to their partner’s snore, and give them the tools to help their partner find a solution.”

Hadleigh Sinclair, Creative Director at Isobar, added, “We’re thrilled to be involved in the development of ResApp Health’s ‘Sleepy Town’ campaign, and to contribute to rebuilding a town which was severely impacted by this year’s bushfires and the subsequent COVID-19 pandemic. Instead of utilising metropolitan billboards, this hyperlocal campaign allowed us to inject money into Tuross Head to make a real difference in the wider community, while helping snorers and their partners.”

As part of the campaign, Isobar also made donations to Tuross Head’s Men’s Shed and the Fire Department to help build new changing facilities, and to thank the people of the town for their hospitality and involvement in the project.

The campaign will run for six weeks across digital and social media platforms. The short film can be viewed here. Download SleepCheck for iOS here