8 February 2018

Isobar OMD and Roadshow launch interactive Tomb Raider campaign

To celebrate the upcoming Australian Release of Tomb Raider—starring Alicia Vikander— OMD, Isobar and Roadshow Films invite Australians to take part in Raid The Tomb, where they will walk into Lara Croft’s shoes, solve puzzles and uncover a hidden tomb for their chance to win a Cape Town adventure for two
Australian audiences will be invited to unearth a series of puzzling enigmas across outdoor, press and digital. They will need to solve each challenge to reveal the location of the hidden tomb and the riches inside. Isobar worked collaboratively with OMD to create this immersive and rich media experience for Roadshow Films to build hype and excitement ahead of the reboot of this popular franchise. The integrated campaign allows players to enter Lara Croft’s world with ease; on the bus, on their lunch break or reading their Saturday paper. Launching the campaign is Alicia Vikander with a personal recruitment call to Australians. Across the two weeks, Lara’s supporters will find physical clues, social games and audio encouragement.

Michael Punton, Associate Creative Director, Isobar said: “Gamifying digital and traditional mass media—and having them work in tandem—lets us engage with a broader audience to introduce the new world of Lara Croft in a seamless way. Players get to know the new Lara Croft while experiencing the fun, tactile, puzzle-solving nature of the Tomb Raider franchise.”

Emma Ray, Account Director, OMD said : “Partnering with Isobar to release this film has enabled us to tell a unique story through media which will weave seamlessly with our brand messaging. We're able to leverage the strengths of each channel to engage consumers and really bring Lara to life,” Emma Ray, Account Director – OMD.

Age Contee, Product Marketing Manager, Roadshow Films said: “We are very excited about reintroducing the Tomb Raider franchise to Australian cinemagoers. It’s been a long time since the Angelina Jolie days, and times have changed. Alicia Vikander is awesome as the modern-day Lara Croft, so we wanted to do something extra special to bring her to the attention of our diverse audiences. We developed an innovative idea that would engage fans and would-be fans; mixing media and digital to breathe new life into one of cinemas most iconic female action heroes.”
The first puzzle launched on 6 February at the Croft Holdings Facebook Page.Tomb Raider is in cinemas 15 March, 2018.