Covid-19 Response

Keep Your Distance Filter

Our response to the Covid-19 Pandemic.


Helping People to Socially Distance

During the first few months of Covid-19, the UK Government advised people to stay at least 2 metres apart. We noticed that for many people this proved difficult to follow, for the younger audience especially. 

We felt compelled to help get the message across to this audience around proper social distancing as the guidance was hindered by a lack of understanding of what someone standing 2 metres away should look like. Knowing that we might help reduce the spread of infection and ultimately lives, our team got to work.


Going the Distance

To help people understand the social distancing guidance, we rapidly prototyped and developed a filter for use on Snapchat, an app which is used widely by children and young adults. Our goal was to work as quickly as possible to develop a solution that would be both effective and easy to use for all ages. The filter was live and available for use within 2 days. 

We had already been working in the Augmented Reality space for our clients so we understood that power this technology holds. Using the skeletal tracking feature, the filter displays the distance that you have between you and another person, alerting you if you are too close.


Stay Safe with AR

User feedback states that the filter helped people to understand what 2m apart looked in real life, and for us, if we kept just one person from catching or spreading Covid-19 then it was a success. The filter had around 500 uses in total. However, if Snapchat had helped us to promote the filter, we could have driven a much larger usage. 

We were very proud to come together as a team and help reduce the spread of infection in an innovative, fun way. In addition, due to the speed of our work, this filter became part of our narrative to clients to inspire and guide them in their own responses to Covid-19 as well.