Rainy Day Pop Up Menu


We created a new service offering only that was responsive to the weather in China - when it rained, an entirely new Menu was on offer in KFC.


Logistical pressure on the business

Orders for KFC Delivery increases by 10% on rainy days, meanwhile every KFC store has to deal with a large number of orders in a limited time. How can KFC maintain delivery sales growth while balancing the pressure of food preparation?


Turning a business challenge into an opportunity

We turned the chaotic in-store experience brought by bad weather into an innovative business opportunity. We created a "rainy day promotion" for KFC Delivery called "God of Rain" - a limited edition rainy day menu. By leveraging real-time data from the weather App, and LBS technology, this KFC menu only shows up on rainy days. When there is bad weather, people can use the KFC App to get special offers on specific meal combos. The KFC rainy day menu has simplified à la carte into convenient combos and so it has not only attracted consumers by allowing them to order faster, but also allowed KFC more time to prepare the set meals and has greatly shortened serving time. It reduced the meal items to prepare, resulting in simpler and more efficient operation and less pressure on both in-store and delivery staff during the bad weather.  More importantly, this “rainy day promotion” encouraged a consumer habit of “having KFC when it rains”.


The power of an idea

The results of the launch campaign were huge: in the first two weeks, more than 850,000 people used the rainy-day menu across the country, with more than 200,000 users in one single day. Meal preparation time decreased by 25%, and order volume increased by 4%.